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AJUR, translating from a Slavic language, is lace, a net of extraordinary beauty. Ajur means a beautiful and vibrant approach to work with social networks.
We help bloggers and public figures to grow their presence on social networks and to get millions of followers. Identifying a responsive and dormant target audience to gradually engage with is your one and only unique opportunity to become an Influencer. Get started now and enjoy the attention of millions of fans.


We support a blogger in social networking efforts until experts start paying attention to them.

The goal is to gain the trust of the main target audience.



In the course of cooperation, we will help you create photo and video content, and teach you how to speak to the public.



Our specialists manually attract the audience to your blog. The audience falls into three categories: the primary target audience, the secondary, and the traffic.



If the other agencies has been previously promoting your Instagram, and the statistics have dropped, we will recover the activity on your blog.


If you are a celebrity or sales agent, and your brand requires high popularity, we will work with
you on an individual basis. 



We will shape your style of behavior in front of the public by emphasizing your personality.

Years of experience, more than 35,000,000 followers

Charisma is the greatest trait of a human character that determines individual’s fate, his/her type of activity, and the disposition of the surrounding people.
With this traits help, you can achieve recognition in the society and great success in work.
We will be happy to teach you how to attract the attention of the public and manage the audience on social networks.
If you would like to become a blogger on Instagram feel free to contact us directly, and we will teach you to express yourself excellently to the public, control your behavior as well as diction, facial expressions, gestures and habits.
We will assist you in creating a unique image, and teach the basic principles of developing a successful blog.
Using different promotion tools, we will make every effort to ensure that by working with us, you will definitely get your first 1,000,000 followers.


You likely already know how much effort one has to put into Instagram to gain favor with the public. Even if your efforts seem to have been futile, now is not the time to fall into despair. Most likely, the advertising agency that promoted your blog had only demonstrative experience or used only one growth tool. Unlike others, we use various specific promotional tools that fundamentally change the final result.  

With years of experience in working with the Instagram social network, we are confident that we can bring your blog back to life.

Without deleting fake subscribers, we will recover the statistics for your account if there’s been too much fake engagement. We’ll drive up the conversion rate, thus adapting the profile’s organic activity. We’ll noticeably increase the percentage of followers who engage with your service or product.

We work with clients from all over the world. We offer novice bloggers individual couching and professional training in public engagement, supervising the creation process and providing all necessary advice.


Brave, charismatic, confident people start beautifying the lives of millions of viewers around the world. Are you ready to step into the spotlight?

We will be happy to help you get recognized by the Instagram world.

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